Making friends.
Maintaining a conversation.
Standing up to bullies.
Few things in life are as important as the way we interact with others. Yet many children, adolescents, and adults lack the skills they need to succeed socially. Some suffer from shyness; others are victims of bullying; and many don’t realize that their behavior, poor grooming, or inappropriate questions are causing others to distance themselves. People with poor social skills are at a great disadvantage, throughout life. They may be at the bottom of the social totem pole in school; and they may be severely challenged in the job and shidduch markets.
But now they don’t have to suffer.
SOS offers people of all ages Strategies for Optimum Social Success. We teach crucial skills, so that children, adolescents, and adults can learn how to become successful in their relationships, communication, and appeal.
Call SOS if your child:
1. Has few or no friends
2.Is very shy
3. Is a victim of bullying
4. Is aggressive or bullies others
5. Can’t interpret body language
6.Has other social issues.

“The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.” Abraham Lincoln

Because as a parent, you interact with your child on a daily basis, you might not perceive the difficulties he has interacting with peers or adults. Therefore, a social skills evaluation that pinpoints his difficulties will allow you to see the bigger picture. In addition, once the problem is identified, Mrs. Schonfeld can aid you in formulating a step-by-step approach to a solution.

Social Skills: Dealing with issues such as self-esteem, maintaining friendships, listening skills, trust, bullying, and the explosive child, this workshop provides activities, readings, and worksheets in order to facilitate social skill development. This workshop is the perfect choice for people looking to enhance their classroom or family’s social behavior.

The reason I am so in awe of this woman is that she has an extremely rare combination of intuition (we can call it “Siyata D’shmaya”,) and has thirty years of experience in mental health. She also understands all the “issues” in a Jewish venue. Stated simply, she has a true gift at getting to the bottom of things. Z.L.