When a problem is not very serious, parents can often be the solution. Instead of spending time and money to get help for your child, it may be appropriate for you to learn the skills to help him or her, yourself.
SOS offers:
Kriyah Dynamics – a workshop developed especially to help parents and teachers whose children and students are not learning to read with traditional methods. The Kriyah Dynamics workshop can be given individually or in group settings. Everything is taught al pi mesorah.
Parent Coaching – Learn to deal with whatever issue your child is facing. Mrs. Schonfeld offers parent coaching sessions tailored to your child’s individual needs.
What if YOU could teach your child to read?
What if YOU could learn techniques to help your child learn?
What if YOU could learn parenting skills that will bring out the best in your child?
Learn to:
1. Teach your child kriyah or English reading
2. Increase your child’s grades
3. Help your child overcome fears
4. Teach your child social skills
5. Be a better parent

My eight year old daughter refused to go to school, because one girl was making the whole class gang up on her. Mrs. Schonfeld, you gave her the confidence to stand up to the bullying, and gain her classmates’ respect. She is a different child. Thank you.” P.G.