When School becomes a nightmare
Poor Social Skills, Low grades, ADHD Behavior Problems, Reading Difficulties, Bullying, Learning Disabilities, Readiness, Down Syndrome, Anxiety SENSORY ISSUES, Homework struggles, NO FRIENDS, Tourrete’s Syndrome, Test Anxiety, FEARS, panic disorder, sibling rivalry, OCD.

Childhood should be a wondrous time –
A time to discover the world, make friends, and have fun.
But for many children, it is a time of great distress.

Learning issues rob them of the ability to gain skills and knowledge. 
Poor social skills keep them from making friends.
Behavior problems turn kids into troublemakers, bullies, or victims.

The children suffer greatly. As success becomes ever-more elusive, they lose their motivation,
their self-esteem, and their natural joie de vivre. School days become a nightmare.
And the wonder of childhood fades away.

The children are in distress – and there is so much at stake. Their education,
their lifelong ability to interact with others, even their future success at jobs or
shidduchim; are in jeopardy.
But HELP is available.